Official Start – Week 2

Phoenix and I officially started our nutritional journey on the 3rd of August and before we started we had a few hedonistic days. And after we started, we’ve had a couple of hedonistic days. The last pizza, croissant, ice-cream. Of course, when you start these things your life always seems to take you back to old time. Lorna and her daughter, one of my besties, is visiting from London so we’ve had a pizza but all in all we are doing pretty good.

20160725_082155I have not been missing the old food at all but Phoenix doesn’t go a day without telling me that he hates me and that I’m a bad mother. In any case, we have manage to substitute Phoenix’s diet of hot dogs, BBQ chicken, ham, pork, glutenous bread and crappy processed foods  with gluten, dairy, sugar free food which have no preservatives or additives. Here he is, taking some interest in food. That’s different! Yes, we have fallen off the wagon a couple of times, mainly when we have been visiting but, aside from those couple of days, we have managed. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought! I have to say I am spending a lot of time cooking and sourcing food though. It is also costing a small fortune.

There are many people who have paved the way for us providing an abundance of organic stores, vegan cafes, well-being food trucks, organic gardeners, coconut gurus, and great gardening groups. It is all there if you are willing to open your eyes, take the dive and start chatting to people. I have learnt so much in the past month by sharing our story with others. People who own food trucks have given me their own recipes so that I can feed my son food that he will like that fits our diet. People who run businesses have given me contacts for great gluten free and vegan breads available. They are really passionate about what they do that spending the time giving information outside their own business is not an issue. I’m loving it.

Is Phoenix loving it though? Mmm…not overly…but he does seem to be getting used to it and he doesn’t ask for hot dogs and pizza every night now. Step by step.

Also in the last two weeks there have been no incidences at school and our home life has become a bit easier and less chaotic. I have to be happy with that! At this stage, I’m unsure if I can attribute our nutritional journey to his okay behaviour at school or whether it is because the school has really jumped on board the “Team Phoenix” in the past few weeks. It’s hard to say but I am really enjoying the reprieve. A less chaotic and stressful household is the BEST!!!

The Brick

The Brick


My third attempt! 

Our journey continues and my endless cooking and learning curve continues. I’ve baked a few loaves of gluten free bread since we started. The first one was like a sugarless cake, the 2nd one was a brick! And the third one was not too bad! Phoenix really likes it!

I’ve made my own chocolate from coconut oil, organic cacao, coconut sugar and it is YUMMY! I’ve soaked lots of beans for home-made baked beans and bean salads. I’ve had beautiful gluten free pancakes with organic maple syrup and berries. Now, that was yummy and Phoenix said yuk so I got to eat them all.


Pancakes with maple syrup!

I’ve made my own tahini and hummus – getting a fridge full for the next week. I’ve made almond butter and a number of protein balls. Yum! It’s all going ahead. So I will probably let you know in the next couple of weeks how we are going.



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The 2nd week

Phoenix and I have still not officially started but we are starting to introduce new foods into our diet. Phoenix ate 4 pieces of lettuce tonight. Last night we had roast lamb and vegetables which isn’t out of the norm but still fits our nutritional bill. I stopped giving him ice-cream a while ago. I’m sure many of you saw the photo of Phoenix with the dried apricots (which aren’t applicable) and the banana on his face but I love it so much that I’ve had to insert it.

I am finding breakfast and lunch the most difficult. I’ve bought some gluten free bread (Helga from Woolworths) but it still doesn’t quite cut the diet as it still has sugar in it. I’ve made him 2 lunches with this gluten free bread and twice his lunch has come home untouched.20160720_194653

I’ve downloaded a whole lot of recipes including gluten, diary and sugar free home-made bread which I’m going to attempt to make on Friday in preparation for next week. On Wednesday night I made Coconut Kale Chips. Yum!!! I love them but haven’t yet convinced Phoenix to try them. Step by step.

Our last Weetbix ran out last Thursday so the last two breakfasts have been either gluten free bread with smashed avocado or “real gluten free organic chicken” eggs. Yep, this diet is costing me a fortune. Of course, I’m having beautiful Paleo bircher muesli for breakfast – chopped walnuts, almonds, shredded coconut, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, apple, berries and almond milk. YUM!!! It is going to take Phoenix some time before he comes on board with this yummy breakfast. I guess as he becomes more and more hungry he will jump on board.

20160723_183549Here is a photo of Phoenix’s first force fed meal of Salmon. He looks happy, doesn’t he? He also got home-made bread today with natural peanut butter and avocado. He said he really likes it but we will see? I have also made apple crumble with quinoa flakes, coconut, organic real maple syrup, coconut oil with apple and cinnamon. He had a little bit of it and said it was nice but didn’t finish it.


Most of my week has been filled with researching recipes on the net, researching where to get all these products from at a reasonable price (well that’s a laugh) and shopping. I am slowly filling the pantry again and starting to make some of the recipes. It cost me $6.00 for almond meal the other day which I used on one loaf of home-made bread. Starting to think that maybe $8 to $10 for gluten free bread – without sugar and diary – isn’t too bad after all?

Before we officially start we still need to send 7 nights of data 20160724_083730down to Melbourne on the sleep bracelet we received last Friday. So, I guess we won’t start until the end of next week. That will be when I start giving Phoenix all the supplements that have been provided. That is going to be interesting in itself. There are a lot that I have to get down his gob twice a day. I have heard great reports about this diet. I’ve even read a bit about another diet – the gap diet – that has turned autistic children into not autistic anymore. I’m not sure what that means and I’m not sure whether I believe it…but…it is worth the try, don’t you think? If this works and I can give my son the tools to help him handle life in the future it will make me feel so much happier.








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The Journey Begins

Last hotdog

I love hotdogs

Last week Phoenix and I headed down to Melbourne for two days visit. Here is Phoenix in his new digs enjoying his hot dog. I keep telling him that he better enjoy the usual food he gets over the next few weeks because very soon much of Phoenix’s food is going to off the menu.

Why we are changing our diet? Well, I love my son to bits and if anything can help him calm down and self-regulate I’m willing to give it a try. As you may know via FB posts, I got Phoenix into a research program being conducted by a PHD student – Jacob is his name – at the University of Queensland. He has teamed up with a well known psychologist, neurologist and nutritionist – Dr Jacques Duff who has his own clinic – to prove whether a change in nutrition impacts on children with ADHD. The tests and all the supplements are free of charge.

20160707_102645There were a number of tests Phoenix undertook in Melbourne which will act as the benchmark. We will go back after six months of this diet and see if there are any improvements in the tests. We still aren’t ready to start a week after our visit because Phoenix still needs to do another two tests that couldn’t be done in Melbourne. Once those tests are completed we are ready to dive in. The most exciting test in Melbourne was Phoenix’s brain scan that maps his brain – really interesting stuff. I was so proud of Phoenix! He had to sit still for Jacob to put a little bit of gel in each connection and then he had to relax and sit calmly with eyes closed for five minutes. Good on ya Phoenix.

The diet is quite similar to a Paleo diet with a few minor differences. The similarities are that it is gluten, dairy, sugar and preservative free. The differences are that we get to eat legumes and super grains like Quinoa, Chia seeds, pulses etc. Wow…Phoenix is going to be so wrapped that we get to eat legumes, pulses, nuts and some grains. Yipee *&?/! Phoenix will also have to take a lot of supplements including: Cognisense, Zinc, Magnesium, Magopticell, Ultra Buffered C Powder, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, 5-HTP, P5P and Omega3. All natural of course and so powerful it can’t be bought over the counter and must be prescribed. Getting that down his throat morning and night is going to be fun!fun!fun!

I’m actually pleased that we haven’t started immediately as it is giving me time to research foods and go through my pantry and fridge. I’ve given two bags of condiments and sauces to my friend down the road. Fridge now pretty well empty. However I have found gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and no preservative tomato sauce? Mmmm?I don’t think this will pass but I bought it anyway. And, being such a tight arse and a disdain for chucking stuff, I have been trying to use all my plain flour, self-raising flour, sugar, icing sugar, chocolate, sprinkles, raw sugar, home-made jams in biscuits for the last two days to give away. You name it, I had it in the pantry. I have made 2 chocolate cakes, coconut jam slices, jam drops and melting moments already and I still have flour and sugar left. OMG…

Watch this space! It’s only the beginning. I will keep you updated on how we go.

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